by Lockjaw

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First ever album by Denver hardcore band Lockjaw. Full Ep contains 6 original tracks. Tracked, mixed, and mastered by Alex Scott at Red Wall Audio.


released April 3, 2015

JP Masche
Riley Pusatory
Bryce Hudgin
Sebastian Salinas

Tracked, mixed, and mastered by Alex Scott at Red Wall Audio.



all rights reserved


Lockjaw Denver, Colorado

Lockjaw started in a tattoo shop in Denver, Colorado in 2014, when guitarist Riley Pusatory and bassist Bryce Hudgin had a discussion about the decaying state of hardcore in Colorado. Guitarist Jordan Mumford and drummer Sebastian Salinas contacted them soon after about joining the group. JP Masche was the last member to join the band, offering high-energy vocals and thought-provoking lyrics. ... more

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Track Name: Intro
Are you able to decipher the truth?
Will we change the face of the world?
It's up to you.
Track Name: Blame
Blinded by greed, discard the truth,
because it isn't of interest to you.
Manipulator, purveyor of lies,
use the knife from my back to sever the ties.
No, you can try your hardest, things will never be the same.
No, you can point your finger, but I am not to fucking blame.

Chained to the shackles of shame,
My mouth gets dry each time I say your name.
Blame, you keep pointing fucking fingers but I'm not to blame.

No I am not to blame.
Track Name: Lost

On a trail where the road splits in two,
which is the right way, which will I choose?
One commitment, while the other reads betrayal,
stick around through the bullshit or fucking bail.
I'm so stubborn, I'm so fake,
just to even put a friendship at stake.
And it's so easy to deceive you,
put a smile on my face and say hello, nice to meet you.

I'm lost, the trail is gone,
I'm lost, my mind is gone.
I'll never find my way,
That's the way I wanna keep it.

And at the end of the day, I'll have to sleep in my own bed.
I'll have to live with the things that I have done and said.
No sense of loyalty, I'd rather just turn and run.
That's all you'll get from me, two faces for the price of one.

So now you know I chose the path of betrayal,
leave you thinking when did this go stale?
You're embarrassed to know me,
throw me out like the others did before me.

Track Name: Out Of Touch
I'm out of touch with the world around me.
There's no such thing as common courtesy.
Loyalty is only found in a rare breed.
I'll play it clean although the odds are against me.
I'm not saying I'm better than you,
you gotta do what you gotta do.
But on the day you take your last breath,
will your legacy be laid to rest?

Who do you think you are?

Looking at my so called future, the changing of times,
I see that nothing has changed, the criticism in our minds.
Being judged by what we say,
by our decisions, by the game of life we play,
no hope, no better solution,
the world is flooded by verbal pollution.

Take a step back and wake up to reality.
One day, you'll only be a memory.

Make way for the fallen kings,
they're all victims of human greed.
Track Name: Resistant
I've been pushed so far I'm losing my balance.
Society abuse, it's hard to stay in silence.
A position, taken by the ones who led,
never read the book just listened to the lies you're fed.
Freedom, tell me what the fuck it means.
Reach for the sky and get down on your fucking knees.
A conscience, yeah, it's only what you lack,
stay the hell away and get your hands off my back.

Oh, and they see me in the distance,
they cuff me up and push me down and tell me I'm resistant
Motherfuckers! Yeah, they're lying motherfuckers,
looking for the green and never looking out for others.

Police state
It's what I've come to conclude,
police state,
society abuse.

One day you'll know that none of us are safe,
they want us to stay silent, take the stories to our grave.
And have you noticed, it's never on the news,
another story hidden by the red, white and blue.

(chorus repeats)

I've got a bone to pick with the pigs.
Track Name: Sanity
Another face, another two face,
no one ever gave me notice for the change.
It's like you don't have a conscience,
go ahead and leave me drowning in darkness.
You want out? I'll hold open the door.
So familiar, like you've done this before.
Throwing everyone out like they're nothing.
The last thread hanging on so paper thin.

Tell me what a friend is, 'cause this is getting old.
Just cut off my head and feed it to the wolves.
Cause I'm growing so tired, growing so weak,
people like you leave me without thoughts to predict.
Times like this are perfect for you to cut the ties,
with having bullshit morals it's so easy to lie.
As I sit back reflecting back to the days,
It gets harder to remember, fading into the haze.

I hope one day you find your own way back to sanity,
The chains that hold you back will keep you from your gravity.

(chorus repeats)